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Civil Society Review
Issue 2
Lebanese, refugee, and migrant women in Lebanon: From sociopolitical marginality to turnaround strategies.

While women’s issues and rights have been at the forefront of public and civil society debate, academic, and activist publications, women’s inequalities and the discrimination women face in Lebanon have been notably undermined, whether as citizens, refugees, or migrants. However, if the publicising of the “issue of women in Lebanon” has prompted the production of more “gender-related” information and knowledge, it has oftentimes adopted the...

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Lebanon’s 2018 Elections: An Opportunity for “New” Political Actors?

For the first time in nine years the Lebanese political scene is mobilising for elections. Although little has changed in the overall makeup of Parliament, the 2018 parliamentary elections exhibit significant differences, with a record 976 registered candidates, 113 of whom are female. A number of both male and female registered candidates, came from outside traditional establishment parties and zu‘ama which have historically dominated...

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Research & Reports
“A Shoulder to Lean On.” Towards Rights-Based Interventions and Policies for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon.

This policy brief analyses the socio-political implications of the so-called October policies, and suggests legislative, political, and practical measures to improve the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. It also aims to inform policy formulation regarding Syrian refugees from a human rights-based perspective, while discussing modalities for enhanced programming at the civil society level. This policy brief analyses the socio-political...

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Research & Reports
Gender Dictionary: traveling concepts and local usages in Lebanon

The Gender Dictionary, published by Lebanon Support, is a practical bilingual tool, based on multidisciplinary research and consultations with local gender actors (academics, experts, activists, practitioners). This bilingual dictionary examines the definitions, history and localized usages of gender terms and concepts. It is constituted of 25 entries, organized in alphabetical order with their equivalent and definitions in both Arabic and...