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Civil Society Review
Issue 3
Unraveling “Civil Society:” Policy, Dependency Networks, and Tamed Discontent. Reflections from Lebanon and Palestine

The articles gathered in this dossier offer insights, based on case studies, into the transformation of the “associative sector” in Lebanon, a sector generally seen to be at the core of an increasingly active civil society. Four of these studies relate to Lebanon, while...

Research & Reports
Understanding the social protection needs of civil society workers in Lebanon. Towards strengthening social rights and security for all.

The social protection landscape in Lebanon is characterised by its fragmentation and exclusionary nature, leaving the most vulnerable and marginalised with little access to any kind of safety net. Workers in the civil society sector are particularly affected by this situation notably as a result of the increased casualisation of employment within the sector, and of more structural factors inherent to financing mechanisms and streams of...

Call for Papers:
Political economy of research in social sciences in the Arab world (En-Fr-Ar)
Research & Reports
Lebanon’s 2018 Election: New measures and the resilience of the Status Quo

This policy brief explores how—despite widespread citizen frustration—the status quo prevailed. The brief will subject the above paradoxes to greater empirical scrutiny, with particular attention to the performance of new actors. It draws findings from an analysis of election results, participant observation of the campaign period, and focus group interviews conducted before and after the election. This brief also analyses how citizen...

New infographic

The Geo-located map of conflicts, part of the Conflict Analysis Project, developed by Lebanon Support, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) tracks incidents, mobilisations and conflicts between individuals/groups/communities happening across Lebanon. This visual provides an overview of the conflicts incidents mapped between 2015 and 2018 focusing on their primary and secondary classifications, locations, and categories.

Research & Reports
Lebanon’s Border Regime: Fluid Rigidity, Foreign Interference, and Hybrid Security Assemblages

This report seeks to analyse border and migration governance in Lebanon; it provides an overview of legislation and policies concerned with border management and control in Lebanon, by systematically analysing pre-entry controls, controls at the border, internal control regimes, and return policies. Moreover, by examining the role of national and international actors in migration and border management in Lebanon, the report also aims to shed...